Shopify Development is the Best Way to Benefit From Shopify's Enormous Growth as an E-commerce Web Developer.

Shopify Development is the Best Way to Benefit From Shopify's Enormous Growth as an E-commerce Web Developer.

During the past few years, Shopify's growth has been tremendous. At the end of 2018, "we created history: no other SaaS company has crossed the $1 billion-dollar revenue milestone at a quicker growth rate than Shopify has," stated Tobi Lütke.

I'm a self-taught developer who worked as a freelancer in 2019 and learnt how to design Shopify apps/themes and I want to share the tools that helped me become a Shopify developer with you.

"Shopify development"


Shopify development

"Shopify Development" refers to the programming and technical skills required to customize Shopify stores over time. Not every retailer is technologically advanced or has a development team on staff. As a result, web designers and firms regularly offer shop setup and alteration services to assist merchants in overcoming these challenges.


Shopify development for website themes requires the following as a prerequisite:

As with WordPress themes, the Shopify theme is built using Liquid rather than PHP.

You should

  • have some familiarity with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • know the basics of jQuery (since many Shopify libraries use it)
  • have a basic command-line understanding
  • Your Shopify theme can be tested by signing up as a Shopify Partner (Free with unlimited Shopify store for development)


"Shopify development"



Shopify development for apps requires the following prerequisites.

In this post, I'll focus on Node JS for building Shopify apps, although you can use any programming language to do so, including Ruby, Python, PHP, and Node JS.

You should:

  • knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and XHTML
  • JavaScript and React knowledge are required (Shopify Polaris built With React but you can use any framework or just vanilla JS)
  • solid knowledge about how to design a web application from the ground up (Authentication, consume external API, Send Requests from the front end and deal with it in the back end )
  • knowledge of GraphQL is required (Shopify API built with GraphQL)
  • Build, test, and publish your Shopify app with a Partner account (Free)


"Shopify development"



Learning tools and resources for Shopify development of themes


Shopify Partner Blog:

Design inspiration, Shopify development advice, and more can be found here.


Courses from the Shopify development team 

They teach you how to use Shopify technologies for free.
For web designers and developers, Shopify is a great option. (An ad-free) a Shopify expert can help you set up your first Shopify store and design your first custom Shopify theme.


Shopify Theme Development for Advanced Users

A Shopify professional can create a cutting-edge theme (create a single web app using AJAX for the Shopify theme) for you.


Shopify development


A few examples of liquid code for Shopify development 

Shortcuts to help speed up your development and learn how to write code that is more fluid.


Shopify development



Resources to learn the development of Shopify apps


  • Partner Blog: Articles and guidance on design inspiration and Shopify development ideas.
  • Courses from the Shopify team that teach you how to use Shopify features for free.
  • Using Polaris (the Shopify React design system) and KOA Js for server-side rendering, you can develop your first Shopify React and Node JS app with this tutorial from the Shopify team.
  • The Shopify App CLI: Your Shopify app can be created in a similar manner (Create React App) and then served on Ngrok server (Free) with an automated update to your Ngrok server link in your Shopify app dashboard..
  • This is the official channel for Shopify developers on YouTube.
  • Shopify Dev Twitch Channel: Shopify's official developer channel on Twitch.


Final Things to Know About Shopify Development

It's also a plus to be familiar with the basics of ecommerce and running an online store. This will help you learn the skills required for each job path inside Shopify's ecosystem. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful path ahead of you.


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